Cage Mount Adaptor


Note: Price is AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS  (@22/08/23 approx.  USD$14/€13/£11)

The Cage Mount Adaptor is a simple way to provide a mounting solution for all types of cages to fork legs, down tubes etc. Sure, they’ve been done before, but what is different about this ours is the V section underside which provides two lines of contact and so greater mounting stability.

The Cage Mount Adaptor uses the same robust additive manufacturing process that is used for our Cranktank4 Caps, Tube Keepers and Wedgie. In fact, two prototypes have travelled both the GDMBR and the Tour Aotearoa.

We prefer utilising stainless hose clamps to secure these to the bike but, equally, the old simple method of cable ties and self adhesive tape will do the job too.

It includes:

1 Cage Mount Adaptor
3 x 5 mm x 16 mm bolts plus washers and nuts
2 Self Adhesive Rubber Contact Pads

1 Self Adhesive Neoprene Rubber Strip

(Cages not included.)

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Weight 36 g