Jessica Turner Limited Edition Cranktank4 Cover


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  • Jess Turner Limited Edition Cranktank4 Insulating Neoprene Cover

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To mark the launch of Cranktank4 we wanted to do two things. Firstly to acknowledge and pay respect to the first inhabitants and Traditional Custodians of this Southern Flinders Ranges region, the Nukunu people. And also to connect it to the place that it was conceived and comes to you from.

Jess Turner is a Nukunu woman and artist who has created a number of public art works in the Southern Flinders ranges region. We made contact to ask whether she would like to create a work to be printed onto this limited edition cover. Very fortunately, she agreed and this piece is the result.

Jess uses totems and colours to represent various aspects of this place and her Nukunu culture.

In Jess’ words.

“The two snakes in the centre of the piece represent the great Dreamtime Serpent and how, carving his paths and tracks, he created the creeks, rivers and waterholes thoughout our beautiful country. The snakes are are depicted in the same but opposite colours to show their connection to each other and the Dreamtime Serpent.

“The circular arrays of dots and lines between them represent the communities and their connections to each other, while the motifs around the circles represent Nukunu people past and present watching over and who continue to watch over and look after the land.

“The colours used in this art work represent the changing colours of the seasons, the rich colours of the earth’s elements and the heavenly sunrise and glorious sunset on our land.”

We feel very privileged that Jess has created this beautiful art piece for us. Thanks Jess!




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