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Cranktank4 is a different and very easy way to carry and access a larger quantity of water on your bike.

Conceived with the more remote traveller in mind, we have come to realise that it is also a great piece of kit to have even when just heading off on a big day out. No more detours to find water.

When designing the CrankTank4, we had these objectives.

  • Large capacity
  • Easy and safe access for drinking while on the move
  • Space efficiency
  • Minimal impact on handling when full
  • Securely mounted but still quick and easy to remove
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Able to fit as many conventional double triangle frames as possible

We reckon we did what we set out to do.


These two bottles hold 1350ml of Water.

CrankTank4 holds 4 Litres of Water in less frame space.

Kosciuszko National Park NSW, Australia


You, like us, like to ride.

On longer adventures, whether it’s for a day or a few, carrying enough water on our bikes is often a challenge. The usual solutions have been bottles mounted in various locations about the bike, a hydration pack on the back, a bladder in a frame bag, an unwanted detour or various combinations of these. Well, they all work, but we were looking for something a bit different. Something that just made it easy.


We came up with a list of attributes that we wanted in a water carrying device that we could use on any ride, be it just a quick one or for a self contained trip. They are:

  • To be able to carry enough for riding all day when hot or 24 hours in milder conditions. So 4 litres
  • To carry it on the bike and in a position where it has minimal impact on handling when full. That meant low and central
  • To use no more frame space than two standard bottles. Ideally less.
  • To mount securely but still be quick and easy to remove
  • To be able to drink from it easily and safely while on the move
  • To be robust but lightweight for the capacity
  • And it had to fit as many conventional double triangle frames as possible

Thinking was done, ideas were formed and toil took place and we’re excited to bring the first of those ideas into reality and to make it available to our riding community.


Against the list? Well, it does mount super securely and low in a wide range of frames and is quick to remove. It’s easy and safe to drink from on the move via the insulated tube with bite valve, it occupies a little less frame space than two bottles, weighs about the same as three mounted, but carries 4 litres (more than 5 standard bottles). And, even when full, it has minimal effect on bike handling.

It IS different and DOES challenge the norms, but, if you’re looking for the same things we were, it can’t be denied.

What to call it? How about CrankTank4?

You’ll find the CrankTank4 Kit and other associated products in our store.



Why Cranktank4?

The Cranktank4 is a uniquely shaped food grade polyethylene container designed to sit low into  the space between the down and seat tubes of conventional double triangle frames.

The “V” profile indents in the front and rear facets allow positive location into most frames without any additional hardware and it secures quickly and simply with two hook and loop “D” buckle straps.

A broad range of tube profiles and sizes and frame angle variations are accommodated by the design. Rounded profile down tubes up to around 50 millimetres are fine and even some squared off profiles work well also. Really broad squared off tubes may require use of the optional Wedgie mount which simply bolts to standard bottle cage bosses. Cranktank4 then locates onto the Wedgie.

The insulated drinking tube with bite valve includes a quick disconnect fitting to allow rapid release from the tank cap so the tube can stay on the bike while you refill. The tube is supplied at 120cms (47 inches) in length for taller riders and is easily made shorter if required.

Also in the kit is a tube keeper which can be fixed in your desired position (handlebar for me) using the included zip ties. The tube is easily accessed while on the move and held securely when not drinking.

The tank has been designed with a relief to the lower section of the seat tube face which provides clearance for most cable operated derailleur mounts. Use of an electronic derailleur will most likely require the use of the optional Wedgie mount fitted to the seat tube cage mounts.

Will it Fit my Bike?

The Cranktanks have been designed with the aim of fitting as many double triangle frames as possible. So touring bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes all the way through to mountain bikes. You’ll find photos on our Instagram page giving you an idea of the broad range of frames it is suited to. The main limitations are small mountain bike frames with heavily dropped top tubes.

It is designed to sit flat along its length against the down tube and slide down (and back) to locate on the seat tube. (Most curved seat tubes are fine.) This provides for very secure location in the frame.

To make sure it fits your frame, take a measurement at 90 degrees to the down tube across to the junction of the seat and top tubes. ( See diagram. The red line is the measurement position.)


For down tubes around 38 mm in diameter, the measurement should be 240 mm minimum. For down tubes around 50 mm in diameter, it should be a minimum of 245 mm. For broader, squared off tubes often utilised on carbon or aluminium frames or for use with the Wedgie mount, the measurement should be minimum 250 mm.


For down tubes around 38 mm in diameter, the measurement should be 215 mm minimum. For down tubes around 50 mm in diameter, it should be a minimum of 220 mm. For broader, squared off tubes often utilised on carbon or aluminium frames or for use with the Wedgie mount, the measurement should be minimum 225 mm.

Isn't drawing the water from that low on the bike difficult?

Care has been taken to make the inside diameters of the various components as large as possible to remove any restrictions. Comparing the required effort for the Cranktank4 to various backpack style hydration packs, tests show it fits in mid range effort.

When used correctly, water remains in the tube once primed, even when the tube is disconnected from the tank for refilling. (Catch the disconnected end somewhere around the handlebar to make sure.)

Is it heavier than bottles?

The weight ready to fit is around the same as three standard 750 ml bottles and their cages. Taking into account that the Cranktank4 has the capacity of more than five standard bottles it has the potential to save weight.

Any Effect on Riding?

Being situated low in the frame, even when full Cranktank4 has little to no effect on the handling of the bike and the hook and loop retaining straps ensure it is very securely fixed in position and remains in place even in the roughest terrain. No more lost bottles and their contents.

Can I get Replacement Parts?

Lost a component or need a replacement? You’ll find spares in our store and if it’s not there just get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Kosciuszko National Park NSW, Australia

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